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Palladium is directly linked with the following companies; this forms the network of associates in various parts of the world. We continue to have a long and pleasant relationship in an ever growing partnership with these companies.


Capital Management Advisor. (CMA) Dubai
Communications Equity Associates (Tampa - Florida)

Divitas Capital. ( New Delhi – India )

EOX Hague. (Europe)

Eureka Forbes –  (Mumbai India).

Excel Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( Mysore India )

Indeevar Impex Pvt Ltd. ( Kolkata- India )

ITwine Technologies (India )

Jamal Mecklai & Co ( Mumbai India )

Knox Capital. ( Mumbai- India)

Knowledge Works

Law  Office of Danial I. Simon ( California- USA )

Lowenhaupt Global Advisors LLC. (St Louis. USA)

Main Street Capital

Maveric Systems Pty. Ltd – (Chennai – India)

Meridian Capital Group. ( LA California )

Merryn Capital. ( South Africa )

MultiMedia Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd. ( Chennai India )

Newport Asia, LLC. ( San Francisco- California )

Paterson & Co.  ( Chennai India )

Securities International Limited. ( Sydney- Australia )

Sundar Industries LLC. ( LA- California )

TenCate Geosynthethics Asia Sdn. Bhd. ( Holland )


Capital Management Advisors. (CMA)

Capital Management Advisors ("CMA") was formed in 2002 as a boutique investment bank focused on the media, entertainment, telecommunications, IT and technology sector in the Middle East and North Africa ("MENA"). The firm offers strategic consulting, corporate advisory, corporate finance, M&A advisory and financial advisory services and is focused on private equity and raising early stage financing for its clients through a vast investor base across the GCC countries.
Rakesh Wahi (43) is the founding Partner of Capital Management Advisors ("CMA"). Rakesh has been involved with several corporate development projects, feasibility studies, investment evaluations and transactions in the cable, satellite, television and telecommunications industries in the Middle East over the last 10 years. He has been closely involved with raising private equity for various projects and has excellent relationships with leading financial institutions and high net worth individuals in the region. He has been involved in the structuring, raising and investment advisory of a US$ 50 million Islamic fund in the Middle East. Rakesh was formerly the General manager and Vice President for the MENA for Communications Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Communications Equity Associates ("CEA"). Rakesh also served on the Board of CEA India.  

Contact Person    :Rakesh Wahi (Managing Director)


Address                 :P.O.Box  72899, Level 15, Commercial Tower,

                                 Beverly Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza, Sheikh Zayed Road,

 Beverly Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Tel                          :+9714 3434385

Fax                         :+9714 3434379

Email                     :

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Communications Equity Associates

A USA (Tampa, Florida) based investment Bank specializing in the media, entertainment, and telecommunication industries and venture capital for the multimedia industry.


Contact Person    : J. Patrick Michaels, Jr (Chairman  & Chief Executive Officer)

Address                 : 101 E. Kennedy Blvd. Suite 3300,
                                  Beverly Tampa, Florida 33602, USA.

Tel                          : [813] 226 8844

Fax                          : [813] 225 1513

Email                     :

Website                :

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DiVistas Capital

DiVitas Capital has been established to provide advisory services to emerging Indian enterprises. These emerging enterprises are growing rapidly seeking: professionalism, growth capital, consolidation, strategic alliances and overseas acquisitions. The DiVitas team has significant experience of working with these enterprises. These services include:

  • Fund raising: through private equity, and secondary market capital raisings primarily through the GDR route;

  • Mergers and acquisitions assistance: either through buy outs or strategic alliances;

  • Divestments; and

  • Corporate advisory including strategy, valuations, preparation of business plans and restructurings

The value system of the firm is to build deep long-term sustainable relationships with clients through trust on the back of responsive and robust advice, with a view to emerge as their sounding board.

The team has substantial experience of advising clients through all stages of a transaction including strategic planning of the acquisitions, takeover, merger or disposal, identifying business to be bought or sold, business appraisal including valuations, financial feasibilities, negotiation and development of a transaction.

Founder: Arjun Sawhny

Arjun has 20+ years of business and relationship experience of which nine years has been in Investment Banking in London, New Delhi and Mumbai. Arjun was a partner in corporate finance at KPMG and Head of ANZ Investment Bank’s mergers and acquisitions business in Mumbai till 2005.

Apart from Investment banking, Arjun has also been an auditor, carried out extensive due diligence work in India and overseas, and has been a Senior Banker with Standard Chartered Bank in India. Arjun is extremely well networked with corporate, venture capitalists and private equity, Government and financial intermediaries.

Arjun read Economics from St Stephen’s College, is a Fellow member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants and completed a corporate finance program from London Business School. Arjun has a deep understanding of managing and developing transactions and brings hands on deal execution capability

Address                 : C-12 West End, New Delhi 110021

Tel                          : +911141660777

Email                     :

Website                 :

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EOX Hague.

Company History


In the mid 1960’s the potential for environmentally benign alternatives was recognized to replace harmful, toxic and VOC producing industrial cleaners. Over 20 years time eOx, Inc. has developed such products for multiple cleaning applications in a wide range of industries and markets.

Applications in industrial facilities demanded constant improvement in our products and in the stabilization of the active components. Working closely with a research scientist group, eOx developed formulations to develop and constantly improve the efficacy of the products and their applications. We closely cooperate with field experts from our clients, our distributors and independent research organizations to deliver the highest possible standard in VOC free, highly efficient industrial cleaners.

Our research scientists continue to improve the eOx family of environmentally safe and friendly products available today.

eOx - Solvent Free Cleaning Solutions


Up to today, industrial cleaners have always been aggressive, not biodegradable, and often poisonous. Cleaning of airplanes, military vehicles, refineries and machines is expensive because of extreme precautions and regulations to avoid the free flow of solvents particles. This makes chemical cleaners actually much more expensive that their actual market price.

At eOx Inc, we have been developing and testing solvent-free, industrial cleaners for over 25 years. Today, our products meet the most stringent U.S. and European regulations for solvent free cleaning processes. Our products are widely used throughout a broad range of industries: military, airplanes, automotive, manufacturing, water treatment, Oil and Gas industry, marine and shipping and more.

Our philosophy has always been straight: water based cleaners are as good or can be better than traditional solvent based cleaners.

Our mission has always been clear: develop water based, environmentally friendly substitutes for existing chemical solvent-based and harmful cleaners for different industry areas.

Contact Person    : Bram Goenee

Address                 : 1E Lulofsdwarsstraat 11172521 AZ
                                   The Hague, Netherlands.

Tel                          : +31703 800775

Mobile                    : +32497 481820

Website                 :

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Eureka Forbes – India.

Eureka Forbes is Asia’s largest direct selling company in home appliances and the undisputed market leader in India in water purifiers, vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. One of the most well known brands in India, Eureka Forbes has received numerous prestigious awards, including the Most Trusted Brand award: Platinum Category by Reader’s Digest, Asia’s Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) award and India’s Best Employer award. A case study at Harvard Business School, Eureka Forbes today employs over 6’000 sales partners with a sales volume of over $160 Million, serving over 20 million end users with products of highest quality.


Contact Person    : Rakesh Puri (Managing Director)

Address                 : Euro Forbe International Sdn.Bhd.
                                  No.2, Worldwide Business Park, Block 1,

                                  Jalan Tinju 13/50, Seksyen 13,

                                 40675, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel                          : +6035510 8101

Mobile                    : +6016264 6956

Email                     :


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Excel Soft Technologies Pvt. Ltd

Company History or Background

Excelsoft is a leading e-learning solutions provider.  The company has created strong intellectual property in the area of e-learning technologies. It combines its strengths in software development, Instructional Design, and e-learning content development to deliver world-class e-learning solutions.

The extensive experience Excelsoft possesses is a result of the integration of beliefs with expertise. This combination has resulted in a constant quest to raise the bar and meet the growing expectations of Excelsoft's growing clientele. The award-winning and well-received Learning and Test &

Assessment solutions are currently installed and is in use in over 500 corporate companies and universities, the world over

< for more details please refer >

The Business

We create e-Learning products for our customers, develop content for e-Learning modules and also provide consultancy services for the development of innovative solutions. With varied experience and domain expertise we have the capacity to provide an end-to-end range of e-Learning solutions and world-class services. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the 'Test & Assessment' area of e-Learning.

Contact Person    : Sajish K Veetil

Address                 : Excel-Soft Technologies Pvt.Ltd.
                                  1-B, Hootagalli Industrial Area,

                                  Mysore- 570018 India.

Tel                          : +918214282000 / 4002200

Fax                         : +918214282208

Email                     :


Website                 :

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Indeevar Impex Pvt Ltd

Neeraj Kanoria Chairman

Indeevar Impex Pvt Ltd

5,Fancy Lane,

Kolkata Off ph 033 22420368  Mob  98300 22423

Since 1974,after passing out of school in Calcutta, alongside Morning college, Neeraj started looking after his family owned sugar mill in Bihar and a carpet factory in Kashmir & Mirzapur.

In 1979 at age 24 he became the youngest ever President of The Sugar Mills Association and served on several Government committees on industrial planning, exports, chambers of commerce, etc.

By 1980 he had independently established a pulp & paper mill near his sugar mill, with cogeneration of power & using bagasse as raw material for paper along with rice straw. In addition he  started a Government recognized.

Export House and did all sorts of imports-exports globally.

After 1987 Neeraj had become a strategic advisor to several large & mid size growing biz houses, investment bankers  and  merchant bankers.

Now Indeevar is in the M & A space, structuring, broking & advising large Indian corporates on globalization. Many of them are keen on venturing overseas but cautiously.

Groups that Neeraj is in contact with  are some of India's biggest, oldest & most powerful biz families in India. Similarly he is  in touch with a whole lot of biz groups across various sectors in the Indian economy.

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ITwine Technologies (India)

Introduction to iTWINE


iTWINE Technologies is a upcoming IT Solutions and Services Company managed by highly skilled IT professionals with international experience in executing large, time-critical projects for leading Fortune 500 companies in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific regions.


iTWINE team had executed several projects for various Industries like Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Retail and Technology industries in USA. Solutions Architecting, Project Management, Quality processes and strong Technology Leadership are its forte. iTWINE team has excellent references to back these credentials.


iTWINE’s mission is to become a global organization providing business solutions using Information Technologies with best return on investment to its Customers.


Offerings by iTWINE


  1. End-to-End Solutions, Custom-designed applications

  2. Solutions for IT Systems Restructuring, Re-engineering and Enterprise Applications Integration

  3. Stack of per-developed business components addressing Manufacturing, Logistics, AR & AP, Dealer Management functionality and High Volume transaction based Billing

  4. Increasing the usage and extending the life of current investments in IT Systems and without significant additional investment (Product enhancements and support)

  5. Turnkey projects in several technologies: Internet applications and Client/Server applications.

  6. Legacy Systems Transformation

  7. e-Enabled Corporate Management and Information System

  8. Setting up and running of dedicated Offshore Development Centers


Why iTWINE for Outsourcing


  1. An organization set up by very seasoned IT professionals who are well-experienced in executing projects and setting up dedicated offshore centers

  2. Ability to identify the most appropriate model for execution, given the specific nuances of each project and customer requirements

  3. Capability to comprehend the complexities and interdependencies of large Systems, including legacy applications, and suggest suitable path for Systems restructuring

  4. High Technology orientation and focus on retention and nurturing of talent

  5. Proven experience in executing large projects: managed large teams of technical consultants

  6. Focus on Supply Chain solutions; close associations for other areas

  7. Strong Process Orientation using well accepted Industry practices such as SEI-CMM and ISO

  8. Development Center located in Bangalore, “Silicon Valley of India”, a hot-bed of talent and innovation and is a seat of one of largest IT talent pool in the world.


Contact Person    : Suresh Babu (CEO)

Tel                          : +1 616 209 4177 US

Tel                          : +91 80 4114 5059 India

Email                     :

Website                 :

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Jamal Mecklai & Co ( Mumbai India )

We are a consulting company exclusively focused on risk management; we have been in business for over 25 years
We engage at all levels from Board to Back-Office, offering a full suite of services, ranging from deep-dive consulting assignments to ongoing advisory.
With over 75 staff across 6 locations in India, we deliver tailored solutions backed by our proprietary risk management approach, robust technology and market research.
Over 1000 corporate relationships, nearly 10% of which are multinational companies.

Contact Person    : Jamal Mecklai


Address                 : Mecklai Financial Service Limited

                                  45-46 Atlanta, Nariman Point,

                                  Mumbai 400021

Tel                          : +91222280113

Email                     :

Website                 :

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Knox Capital ( Mumbai- India)

Knox Capital is a Mumbai based investment bank, specializing in raising private equity financing for corporate and real estate projects. The firm was established by a team of experienced bankers to cater to the under-served segment of small to medium size companies. Knox Capital specializes in raising equity financing in the range of $5 million to $50 million.

  • Knox Capital Advisors was founded to fill the void that exists in the middle market investment banking space in India. We exclusively focus on raising financing for mid-sized corporate looking to raise capital through institutional capital providers.

  • Our goal is to serve our clients in the diligent pursuit of transaction opportunities that enhance growth and maximize shareholder value. We successfully attain our goal by:

    • Serving as a partner with clients, understanding their long-term strategies and helping them reach those goals.

    • Offering deep domain expertise and strong deal knowledge, coupled with a broad network of high-level relationships with capital providers.

    • Working closely as a team to give our clients the “best practices” culled from our collective knowledge.

    • Providing superior service to our clients through consistent senior-level attention.

  • At Knox, we have built an entrepreneurial, performance-oriented culture. Our core values are based on high ethical standards, a strong client-first and team mindset and meritocracy in the workplace.

Vishal Malik, Managing Partner
Has been the Head of the Investment Banking and Equity Capital Markets of Strategic Capital Corporation. He commenced his career at Reliance Industries followed by a stint at Morgan Stanley Equity Capital Markets Group. He has worked on private equity and M&A transactions across various industry sectors. Vishal is an MBA from the Asian
Institute of Management, Manila and a Chemical engineer from Mumbai University.


Address 1.             : Knox Capital

                                   Level 2, Raheja Centre Point, 294 CST Road,

                                   Near Mumbai University, Off Bandra-Kurla Complex,

                                   Santacruz (E), Mumbai - 400098, India.


Address 2.             : 604, Leo Building, B wing,

                                   24th Road, Khar (W),

                                   Mumbai - 400 052, India.

Tel                          : +91 22 6522 1437 / 6522 1438

Fax                         : +91 22 2605 1847

Email                     :

Website                 :

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Knowledge Works

Introduction to KnowledgeWorks

Knowledge Works Consulting Private Limited (KWCPL) is a knowledge and business process outsourcing services provider focused on Accounting, Finance, HR& Compliance. Knowledge Works offer global business process outsourcing services through an onsite/offsite model by creating an extension of the client's enterprise that deliver low cost and high quality services teamed with a cycle of continuous improvement, for long term strategic partnerships.

KWCPL was established in August 2009 by a team of people with considerable experience in the field. It is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with delivery centers across India, Malaysia and Hong Kong. KWCPL currently employees more than 100 accounting professionals across its offices.

 Offerings by KnowledgeWorks

 The data services offered comprises of outsourcing of the accounting, payroll, compliance and financial transactions of the customer companies. KW is focused on providing quality services through people who are experts in the domain by making the optimum use of technology and processes. Some of the services offered by Knowledge Works to their clients are as follows:


Accounting services 

         Processing of Supplier Invoices;

         Entering of cash and bank transactions;

         Reconciliation of cash accounts;

         Reconciliation of Revenue and Capital Advance to suppliers.

         Fixed Assets – Check for capital asset request, computation of depreciation as per company’s depreciation policy, booking of asset purchased and processed.

         Taxes to be withheld on accounts payable and remittance to tax authorities.

         Books of Accounts – Updating of all the books of accounts by 10th day of every month, preparation of bank reconciliation statements and preparation of Trial Balance.

         Preparation of Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account as and when required.

         Management Reports – Preparation of Cash Flow / Forecasts as per the prescribed format.  Standard MIS package and tax package by the 10th of every month.

         Liaison with auditors for finalization of accounts.


Payroll services

         Preparation of monthly payroll and disbursement of salaries.

         Preparation of full and final settlement cases.

         Calculation of Employee Income Tax, Investment Proof Verification and Deduction of Tax at Source.

         Master maintenance

         Benefits administration


         Tax planning

Compliance – Statutory & Secretarial

         Direct and Indirect Taxes

         Foreign Exchange Control regulations

         Export and Technology benefit schemes related compliances.

         Communicating with various Statutory Authorities on behalf of the Company.

         Maintaining of Minutes and other Statutory Registers and other Company Law compliances.

 Why KnowledgeWorks



         In-depth understanding of the business processes and internal control framework

         Ability to bring in industry best practices to improve efficiency



         Work flows are defined for underlying processes to maintain consistency in operations.

         Continuous review of processes by non-operating team to ensure improvement.



         Experience of clean closing of annual accounting cycles

         Ability to offer full lifecycle accounting service


Contach Person                   : Vinod Menon, Director


Mobile                                    : +60102717996, +919916103473


Email                                     :

Website                                 :


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A law firm based in the US specializing in the Insurance and Reinsurance industry as well as general corporate and securities.

Address                 : LAW OFFICES OF DANIEL I. SIMON.

                                  905 CROFT LANE,
                                  SOLVANG, CALIFORNIA 93463

Tel                          : (805) 686-2805 

Fax                         : (805) 686-2805

Mobile                    : (805) 350-0480 

Email                     :

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Main Street Capital

On the of July 1, Barrack & York, Toroso Group and ReferVenture have merged to create Main Street Capital.

Main Street Capital is managed by four experienced Partners and specialises in assisting high net worth owners and directors of mid-size private and listed companies with:

  • Business mergers, acquisitions (M&A) and divestments.

  • Capital raisings to fund business growth.

  • Profit improvement and debt restructuring.

  • Development and execution of growth strategies.

  • Private client services including advice on asset protection.

We mainly work with growing companies that have annual revenues of between $10 and $150 million.  We also work with some early-stage companies if they have experienced management, a robust business model and good growth prospects.

Main Street Capital has developed close alliances that enable us to access capital, new business partners and industry specialists in Australia, North America and Asia.

Our team has extensive experience in the following industry sectors: retail, healthcare, software, technology, manufacturing, financial services, food & beverages and business services.

Contach Person                   : Menno Veeneklass (Partner)


Address                                 : Level 11 Gold Fields House,

                                                  1 Alfred Street, Sydney NSW 200



Mobile                                    : +61411471650

Skype                                     : menno veeneklaas


Tel                                          : +61 2 8080 0033

Fax                                         : +61 2 8905 9594

AFSL                                      : 339133


Email                                     :

Website                                 :


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Maveric Systems Pty Ltd. ( Chennai India )

Maveric Systems Corporate Overview

*         Maveric Systems Ltd. (Maveric) is one of the top-three independent software testing firms in the UK, Middle East and India, with a rapidly growing operation in US.

*         Why Maveric Systems?

*         Singular focus on testing banking applications over the last 8 years with a team of over 600 testing professionals

*         Only testing services company to develop a unique “Test Design Workbench” – Testac (innovation award winner), for improving quality of User Acceptance Testing in banking applications

*         Exceptional strengths in testing T24, Finacle, Misys, Flexcube and other leading banking and financial services applications.

*         Only testing services company to create its own brand of testing professionals through a 2-year Masters Program in Software Testing

*         Unique TPMS – “Testing Project Management System” – that enables transparent monitoring of testing projects distributed across geographies

*         Dedicated test automation COE, that guarantees tangible cycle time reduction and better ROI on your testing investments

*         Competitive cost structures because of size and focus that bring down your overall investments in testing onsite and offshore                        

*         Maveric has been repeatedly recognized by leading industry bodies for our innovative contributions in the software testing space

*         We received a prestigious Innovation Award from Frost & Sullivan in 2007

*         We are part of the “Red Herring Asia Top 100” for the year 2008

*         We are part of the “Red Herring Global Top 100 - Finalists” for the year 2008

*         We are part of “Technology Fast 500 in Asia Pacific for 2008” by Deloitte

Contact Person    : P.Venkatesh. Director- Founder


Address                 : Maveric Systems Limited

                                  Fagun Mansion V Floor,

                                  74 Ethiraj Salai, Chennai 600 105. India.

Tel                          : +91 44 28207690

Fax                         : +91 44 2820 7691

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Meridian Capital Group.

Contact Person    : John Mulcahy (Managing Director),

Address                 : 11693 San Vicente Boulevard,
                                  Suite 562.Los Angeles, CA 90049.U.S.A.

Tel                          : +1.310.454.5421

Fax                         : +1.310.454.3261

Email                     :

Website                 :

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Merryn Capital


Merryn Capital is a boutique financial services business focusing primarily on the telecommunications, media and financial services sector. It provides strategic advisory, capital raising and merger and acquisition services. It is active in Southern Africa and several African countries. Its chairman, Paul Edwards, is an experienced international businessman who has succesfully run financial services, media and telecommunications businesses in Africa and Asia.

Contact Person    : Paul Edwards, Executive Chairman

Tel                          : +27837097007

Email                     :

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MultiMedia Computer Systems Pvt. Ltd.

MultiMedia Computer Systems (MMCS) is a leading solution provider based in Bangalore, India. The company is committed to the creation of solutions that enable the scanning, storing, archival and retrieval of documents, as well as the effortless sharing of documents between multiple workgroups.

Offering technologies that are ideally suited to document-centric business environments, MMCS builds solutions that combine best-of-breed security with forms-based architecture for automated work processes.

Business Focus:-
The development of products that increase productivity and efficiency of professionals by using concepts of document management and workflow.

Key Specialization:-
•Document management and workflow solutions that enable the creation of   information repositories that handle information in various formats such as   paper, computer generated documents, audio and video.
•Solutions for the Banking and Financial segments that cover the entire   spectrum of operations from the Front Office to the Corporate Office.
•Solutions that address very specific professions such as medicine and library   management.

Address                : #736, 7th Main, Mahalakshmi Layout
  Bangalore 560 086. India.

Tel                          : +(91) 80 2349 2185/8089       

Email                     :

Website                 :

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Newport Asia, LLC.

A USA (San Francisco) based fund management group focused on the Pacific Rim, wholly owned by John M. Mussey and Thomas R. Tuttle, two leading fund managers who started and subsequently sold Newport Pacific Management, Inc., after managing US$ 4 billions in funds.     

Contact Person    : Thomas R. Tuttle, CFA

Address                 : 601 California Street, Suite 600,
                                  San Francisco, CA 94108, USA.

Tel                          : 1 415 677 8620  

Fax                         : 1 415 677 8623.    

Email                     :

Website                 :

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 Paterson & Co.




Established in 1935 and based in Chennai, PATERSON is one of India’s oldest stock broking firms and a founding member of the Madras Stock Exchange. PATERSON’s business operations focus on stock broking, derivatives trading, portfolio and wealth management, NRI services,

government securities, corporate advisory / investment banking and allied financial services. PATERSON is a member of National Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange for stock broking, and will soon be foraying into

currency trading as a member of both National Stock Exchange and Multi Commodity Exchange.

The firm is well-known for the excellence of its investment services, as well as for the depth and long-standing relationships with companies, entrepreneurs and investors in South India as well as major cities across the nation. Dun & Bradstreet’s annual surveys have regularly recognized Paterson as a leading stock broking company in India.

PATERSON, which recently ventured into providing a comprehensive suite of NRI and portfolio management services, enjoys the patronage of a diversified group of customers comprising financial institutions, large corporate groups, high net-worth individuals and retail clients.

The Investment
Already serving some companies of the Hinduja Group, PATERSON started discussions with Amas Bank early 2008. The investment was agreed in July and received the approval of NSE and BSE. Financial Terms are not disclosed.

Contact Person    : Balachandran V. CFA CEO

Address                 : Vanguard House, 48, Second Line Beach,
                                  Chennai - 600 001, India

Tel                          : +9144 40 51201

Fax                         : +91 44 253 4174   

Mobile                    : +9144 40 51201

Email                     :


Website                 :


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Securities International Limited

Securities International Limited (ACN No. 073 988 226) operates under an Australian Financial Services License No. 260231 pursuant to section 913B of the Corporation Act 2001.
Securities International Limited (SIL) is aware that the securities industry worldwide is currently subject to major structural and operational change and thus the underlying economics of the banking industry is changing rapidly. The business undertaken by banks, the type and range of institutions conducting banking business and the way that traditional banking business has been undertaken are being transformed as pressures cause banks to move towards a structure of "Contract Banking".

The dominant pressures combining to challenge the core of banking business may be summarized as follows:  

 •The finance industry is globalizing on an increasing basis.

 •Entry barriers into banking are declining and therefore increasing the   potential for deconstruction.

 •Changes in regulation and a process of deregulation in particular are   continuing.

•Information, trading and delivery technology is transforming the industry. The    power of technology will be particularly decisive; it acts as both a threat and an opportunity to banks. It enables existing services to be provided more efficiently. It enables new services to be offered, it lowers entry barriers in some areas, and it changes the economics of delivery.

Securities International Limited has identified these challenges and integrated them into our Corporate Strategy, ultimately defining them as a competitive advantage, developing alternative ways of taking advantage of such changes. The unbundling of products and processes has enabled SIL to practice "cherry-picking" of services supplied, allowing for greater specialization.
We embrace an expansionary vision, at the same time following well-defined business strategies. We specialize in Asian and Middle Eastern Markets, with experienced partners in both regions.
Securities International Limited offers financial and investment services to corporate, government and private clients.

• Project Finance for a diverse range of commercial projects.
• Fixed Interest Investments to fully qualified investors.
• Mergers and Acquisitions.
• Private Clients.

Contact Person    : Stephen Duncan (Executive Chairman)

Address                 : Securities International Limited ,
                                  CAN 073 988 226, Level 2, Suite 215 ,
                                  11 Harrington Street ,Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

Tel                          : +612-9241-2844

Fax                         : +612-9241-4854  

Email                     :


Website                 :


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Sundar Industries LCC

Sundar Industries LLC., located in Southern California is the developer, engineer, exclusive licensee, marketer and distributor of a water distillation technology that produces high quality fresh water from source waters that are non potable (i.e. sea water or brackish river water). The principal business of Sundar Industries is to deliver high quality fresh water to commercial customers at a competitive price.
The Sundar Desalination System is designed to offer Water Service Providers an advanced, efficient and cost effective alternative to replace and/or supplement existing systems at a fraction of the time and cost it would take to design and build a conventional potable water system's.

Contact Person    : Bill Cotten, Chief Executive Officer

Tel                          : +1 818 402 5859

Fax                         : +818 787 6939  

Email                     :


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TenCate Geosynthetic Asia Sdn.Bhd.

An International company, wholly owned by TenCate of Holland, the world's leading GeoTextile company. Ten Cate Asia is the world's leading brand and manufacturers of GeoTextiles for the construction industry. Malaysia is their Asian manufacturing and distribution base.     

Contact Person    : John Smith (Managing Director)

Address                 : 14, Jalan Sementa 27/91,

                                  Section 27, 40400 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Tel                          : + (603) 5192 8568

Fax                         : + (603) 5192 8575 

Email                     : john.

Website                 :


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Palladium Palladium



Palladium Palladium Palladium Palladium